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XN-5A-C — Struct Bond


Struct Bond XN-5A-C is one-liquid type epoxy sealant applied our technique which is able to realize high impact absorbance and stress relaxation.
Struct Bond XN-5A-C is able to shorten the curing time for its short gel time.
Sturct Bond XN-5A-C dose not have hardly reactivity with liquid crystal, so it can apply all types of LCD, especially on STN type LCD.

Standard Application Method 

  • Standard Drying Condition of Solvent : 80°C x 30min. 
  • Standard Curing Condition : I5O°C x 90min. Storage stability


Items XN-5A-C Remarks
Appearance milky pale yellow paste  
Viscosity 350 ± 100 poise EH type viscometer 3°corn, 2.5rpm/25°C
Non volatile 90±3 w% I05X x 3hrs
Gel time 150 ±20 sec. I5O°C, on Hot plate
Particle size 5μm>= Grind gage
Shelf life 6 months/- I5°C~-2O°C  


Items XN-5A-C Remarks
Hardness 90 Shore D
Water Absorption 0.4 wt% > Boil 2 Hrs
Tg I32°C Tan δ
Volume Shrinkage 1% >  
Bond strength 210kg/cm2 JIS K 6850